Dr. Katie, Dr. Jen and Dr. Colleen group photo.

Turning Point Wellness Center: Combined Care for Whole Body Health

Three well-established chiropractic physicians had a vision of bringing comprehensive, integrated care to their patients. They decided to join forces to make that happen, forming Turning Point Wellness Center in 2022.

Each had been delivering top-notch chiropractic care to the community for years, developing their own specialties and strengths. But they realized that they could better deliver the concept of whole body health if they served the region as a team.

The decision was made to integrate Stratton Chiropractic and Family Health Center with Balanced Health Chiropractic & Wellness Center to form Turning Point Wellness Center, delivering comprehensive care to Monroe County, Randolph County and the greater Saint Louis area.

Dr. Colleen (Stratton) Miller, Dr. Katie (Millang) Neff and Dr. Jennifer (Steinbaugh) Kujawski share a belief in treating the WHOLE individual, with an array of techniques that offer an integrated approach and specialized care.

The name, Turning Point Wellness Center, is both a reflection of this female-led collaboration, and also an embodiment of the promise that the three practitioners make to their patients.

Their goal is to help you reach the turning point in your health, so that you can feel your best and live your most fulfilling life.