A Safe & Natural Alternative

Chiropractic maternity care is a safe, natural alternative to help new and expecting mothers obtain a healthier pregnancy and delivery.

Studies have shown that women who receive chiropractic adjustments while pregnant (especially in the third trimester) are able to carry and deliver their children more comfortably, with less need for pain medication and interventions during labor and delivery.

While many women only consider prenatal chiropractic care once they are experiencing pain — whether it is low back pain, neck pain, or other musculoskeletal issues — it is far better to stop a problem before it starts.

At Turning Point Wellness Center, we can help you through either scenario. We will meet with you to formulate a plan for your prenatal care, and walk you through the gentle and safe maternity care options that can help you have the best pregnancy and childbirth experience possible.

Dr. Katie adjusting a pregnant woman for safe and natural maternity care.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Experts advise women seek chiropractic care during pregnancy for many reasons:

Source: American Pregnancy Association

Maintaining a Healthier Pregnancy

Controlling Symptoms of Nausea

Reducing the time of labor and delivery

Relieving Back Neck or Joint Pain

Preventing a potential cesarean delivery

Our Prenatal Services

Pregnant woman standing, holding belly while waiting for maternity care appointment.

Beginning a pregnancy with a properly aligned spine allows for a more comfortable pregnancy. If you are already pregnant, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve the common prenatal pain that you may already be experiencing.

When the pelvis is misaligned it can restrict the intrauterine space available to your developing baby, making it more difficult for your baby to get into the best possible position for birth. The result could be a breech or posterior position. This increases the likelihood of delivery interventions such as c-sections. At Turning Point Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care that can increase your chances of a natural, non-invasive birth.

Nutrition and Diet Evaluation

Our skilled team will not only help treat the musculoskeletal pains that occur during pregnancy, but can also help you with a nutritional evaluation and diet. You are, after all, “eating for two” — which does not just refer to increasing your caloric intake, but also the importance of choosing the right foods for the growth and development of your baby.

Remedies for Morning Sickness

For expectant mothers who suffer from morning sickness, we offer acupuncture and herbal remedies which greatly decrease the frequency and severity of the nausea.

Our chiropractic physicians are Webster Certified. Click here to learn more about Webster Technique.

Chiropractic care can address misalignments that result in:

  • Protruding abdomen and/or increased back curve
  • Pelvic Changes
  • Postural adaptations

Common Causes Behind Prenatal Pain


During pregnancy a woman’s body releases many hormones. One of these hormones is relaxin. Relaxin reduces ligament tension which allows for the opening of the pelvis and creates room for the baby and eventually for the baby to travel through the birth canal. Unfortunately, relaxin may affect many or all of the ligaments in the woman’s body, not just the ones that will help facilitate the birth process. This may cause the neck, upper back, and shoulder pain that many expectant mothers have.

A Shifting Center of Gravity

As the pregnancy progresses, the uterus enlarges and the mother experiences a shifting center of gravity. This causes significant strain on the muscles and ligaments of the spine and pelvis.

Taking care of mother & baby

Our chiropractic physicians are a caring resource during this special time in your life and want to help you have the best pregnancy and birth experience possible. We provide safe maternity care for you and your baby.